Constructing The Universe Activity Books

Volume 2

A Voyage From 6 To 12

Create and Explore Geometric Patterns
of Nature and Art


Michael S. Schneider


110 pages

Table Of Contents

6 The Hexagon 111

Construct A Regular Hexagon In The Almond 112
Construct A Hexagon By "Walking Six-Around-One" 112
Subdivide A Hexagon 113
Another Subdivision Of The Hexagon 114
Replicate These Hexagonal Patterns 115
The Mean Orbits of Earth, Mars and Jupiter 117
The Mean Orbits Of The Outermost Planets 118
Create Your Own Hexagonal Patterns 119
Hexagonal Design In Nature 120 -- [Diatoms, Radiolarian, Coral, Snowflakes]
Draw Microscopic Life 124
Hexagonal Designs In Art 125 -- [Mummy Sarcophagus, Nile god Hapi drawing, Pectorals Of Queen Mereret, Vishnu sculpture, Chinese Pagoda, Lid Of Pacal's Sarcophagus, Native American Kiva Roof, Celtic Brooch from Roman Gaul, Greek Amphitheater, Ethiopian Painting, Italian Triptych, Baptism of Jesus, Polittico di Perugia by Piero della Francesca, Jewish Seder Plate, Islamic Painting of the Angel Gabriel, British Royal Seal, Great Seal Of The United States (Eagle Side), Herter Table Top]
Overlapping Six-Pointed Circles 135 -- [Mayan Priest Making Offering, Gunzo Directing The Monks painting]
Design Your Own Hexagonal Art 136

7 The Heptagon 137

A Heptagon From Circle, Triangle And Square 138
Construct A Heptagon 139
Heptagram Stars 139
A Heptagon From A Triangle 140
Construct A Heptagon With Knotted String Or Rope 141
Replicate Heptagonal Patterns 142
Create Your Own Heptagonal Designs 144
Twenty Eight Points Around A Circle 145
Heptagonal Designs In Art 146 -- [The Great Pyramid, Chinese Pi Disc, Greek Angel, Greek Sphinx, Stag in Kylix bowl, Paintings of Visions Of Hildegard Of Bingen, Basilica Design, Norwich Cathedral]
Design Your Own Heptagonal Art, Crafts And Architecture 150

8 The Octagon 151

Construct A Regular Octagon 151
Construct The Octagram Stars 151
Replicate These Octagonal Patterns 152
The Breath Of The Compassionate 156
The Mean Orbits And Relative Sizes Of Mercury And Earth 157
The Mean Orbits Of The Middle Planets 158
Octagonal Patterns In Nature 159 -- [Diatoms, Hydra, Algae, Jellyfish, Zeolite Crystal, Cut Diamond Pattern]
Octagonal Geometry In Arts, Crafts And Architecture 162 -- [Bowl From Panama, Aztec Sun Stone, Native American Kiva Roof, Quilt Pattern, Islamic Designs, Tibetan Buddhist Mandala, Foucauld Rose Window, Notre Dame Cathedral Rose Window, Angels Direct Saint John to Write the Book of Revelation painting, Floorplan of the Dome Of The Rock, Floorplan of St. Peter's Basilica, Floorplan U.S. Capitol Building]
Design Your Own Octagonal Art 170

9 The Enneagon 171

Construct An Enneagon 171
Draw Enneagram Stars 174
Replicate Enneagonal Patterns 175
Create Your Own Enneagonal Patterns 176
Strasbourg Cathedral Main Portal 177

10 The Decagon 178

Construct A Decagon 178
A Decagon From A Square 180
Construct The Three Decagram Stars 181
Replicate Decagonal Patterns 182
An Islamic Tiling Pattern 184
Create Your Own Decagonal Designs 185
Decagonal Geometry In Nature 186 -- [Radiolarian, Algae Colony, SiCo5Cu15Al60 Molecule, Human DNA]
Design Your Own Natural Decagonal Forms 188
Decagonal Geometry In Art 189 -- [Kylix painting, Plan of the Temple of Minerva in the Licinian Gardens (Rome), 15th century Persian Tile, Munster Cathedral facade, The Fall and the Expulsion from Paradise by the Limbourg brothers, Rose Window Sens Cathedral, The Creation Rose Window at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.]
Design Your Own Decagonal Art 193

11 The Hendecagon 194

Construct A Hendecagon 194
Draw The Hendecagram Stars 197
Replicate These Hendecagonal Designs 199
Create Your Own Hendecagonal Designs 200

12 The Dodecagon 201

Construct A Dodecagon By The Four-Leaf Method 202
Another Dodecagon From The Square 203
Construct The Dodecagon From A Hexagon 205
Construct The Dodecagon From A Six Pointed Circle 206
Construct The Dodecagram Stars 207
Replicate These Dodecagonal Designs 208
The Lover's Knot 209
Twelve And Seven 210
Create Your Own Dodecagonal Designs 211
Dodecagons In Nature 212 -- [Hydras, Jellyfish, Snowflakes]
Design Natural Dodecagons 214
Dodecagonal Design In Arts, Crafts And Architecture 215 -- [Bowl Of Twelve Greek Gods, Roman Arch, Navajo Sand Painting, Chartres Cathedral North Rose Window]
Design Your Own Dodecagonal Art 218

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