Some Geometric Watercolor Paintings

Michael S. Schneider
All images copyrighted (c) 2006 MSS





Here are a few paintings (7" diameter) based upon geometry which I find interesting.

These first two are based upon the archetypal twelve-around-one geometry of the north Rose Window at Chartres Cathedral:

This next group is based upon the geometry of the Cosmological Circle Diagram, a supreme image of harmonious order, integrating the numbers one through twelve.
If you look carefully, you might see geometric expressions of each of the twelve numbers.
To learn much more about the geometry and numerical wonders of the Cosmological Circle diagram, please see The Dimensions of Paradise by John Michell.
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The following group are based upon the geometry of The New Jerusalem Diagram, which is the central portion of the Cosmological Circle paintings above.



A central feature of this New Jerusalem Diagram is that when Pi (3.14159...) is approximated to 22/7 (3.14285...) (a difference resulting in less than 2 feet in a mile), then a "squared circle" arises; that is, a circle whose circumference is precisely equal to the perimeter of its interlinked square.

Can you find the "squared circles" in the paintings below, and in those above?

This same "squared circle" geometric construction underlies the size relationship of the Earth and Moon, having diameters relating as 11:3.

If the Moon could roll around the surface of the Earth, its center would draw a circle whose circumference equals the square around the Earth (averaged to a circle rather than the oblate spheroid it is).

Although they're on slightly different scales, can you see the correspondence?

The paintings below bring out the sevenfold (and 4x7=28) nature of the construction. Notice how the painting seems to always be moving.

Stable, structured Twelve and the restless Seven and  are poles which long for each other and are harmoniously reconciled within the Cosmological Circle Diagram.


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