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"Thanks, Michael. I am so pleased with your book and was delighted to come across the activity books. The goal of my class is to inspire the students to think about geometry in a new way and to connect our constructions to their observations in the world around them. Thank you for providing me with the tools I need."

"I know my kids will enjoy the next activity books. We have already had lots of fun with the first two!"

"I have no words to convey my appreciation for the treasure you sent me. I can just say "merci du fond du coeur', or heartfelt thanks."

First I want to thank you for such an awesome and exciting series of books! I am so intrigued by all of the books' contents. My 7th grade students are in love with the activities.

"I would like to thank you, having just received the package, and congratulate you on the development of such quality content for the development of the mind, outstanding. Happy about it like a child with a new toy."

"What brings me pleasure is definitety not measuring millimeters but figuring out how it all works, starting with a circle and then, see what happens. And that's precisely what I find in your books. Playing with the vesica piscis is fun... Thanks! No questions as yet, but if I stumble, it's good to know someone knowledgeable is on the other end."

"I received the book Thursday. Thanks, I started reading it last night and found it fascinating. I look forward to working through it. I am a potter, furniture maker, and wood turner, and although I have spend my life looking at form and was aware of the Fibonacci series and the Golden Mean, I had never seen the need until now to analyze the WHY and HOW of good form. Thanks again for your fun and thought provoking books."

"I think you may be interested to know that your Activity Book materials will be used and prominently featured on our high school science/mathematics board."

"I run an education center in the arts and sciences. I received your materials and some of my teaching artists are really intrigued by what you have assembled... We look forward to getting into each book."

"I've gone through your main book and and Activity Books 1-3 - which have proven to be very inspiring to say the least! I'm glad you're out there doing this timely and important work in the world."

"I am really enjoying the books. They are truly fantastic. Thanks for everything."

"Thanks for sending them so quickly and for signing them also!"

"The books arrived safely today. That was fast! I've already leafed through them and I got particularly interested in the one about the Cosmological Circle. That's quite fascinating. I've got plenty of reading and hands on stuff to keep me busy for the days to come! Thank you so much !"

"I received the activity books today, and I LOVE them already! They are better than I even expected. I also have the book. I’m a home school mom and home school art teacher, with three teens of my own who are afraid of math, especially Geometry, and all three are very hands-on, kinesthetic learners, so I know this is going to be great for them. I’m an artist myself and can see this enhancing and inspiring my own work. Thank you for these excellent resources!"

"We got away in your wonderful books so much, that i did not mail you any earlier… always thought ‘after this one..’ . Thank you very much for your efforts to make your knowledge, artistry and above all your wonder available for me! Not only me. More and more people here get carried away."

"The books arrived last week. They are even more comprehensive than I imagined. I very much look forward to working my way through them. I also ordered another copy of your big book for my 23-year-old daughter. She is a graduate student in geology, a mathematician, and an artist. I'm sure she'll love your book as much as I do."

"Thanks for the quick reply with the activity books. I started going through them and they look very interesting. Even the most hard-core math or science types become really open to the sense of mystery your book evokes. In terms of the students (I teach mostly 9th grade) they seem to really enjoy the material. Again, many thanks for all the time it must of taken to research all the aspects of your book. Through it, you have inspired many people as I have seen firsthand."

"Your "Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Mean" Activity Book arrived today. What a treasure trove of great teaching ideas, intriguing discoveries, and enthralling visual information! I particularly enjoyed your Golden Section analysis of so many great works of art. My partner will be a seventh grade Waldorf teacher next year, and I'm sure many of the ideas in your book will find their way into her classroom. I'm a public high school math teacher, who was greatly inspired by reading your "Beginner's Guide" this Easter vacation, with its emphasis on the quality of number as opposed to the quanity of number. I agree -- it's the way math should be taught! Why do feed our young people such a thin gruel, when they deserve a far more richer and savory broth? My favorite moment in the book, was when you pointed out how a six-legged beetle walks by lifting feet in threes and setting them down again. So many things became clear for me in that moment. You have a wonderful ability to see the whole in every part. Thanks for your inspiring books."

"Thank you for sending Volume 2 so quickly. My 15-year old daughter has already started working on it. We were just talking about what she feels she is learning from the Beginner's Guide book and Activity Books, so here are some of our thoughts: I think she thinks of this as closer to a philosophy book than a math book. She is seeing the harmony of the way things work together, whether enormously big or small. And that "they kind of function with the same ideas instilled in their roots -- like the spiral of the galaxy compared to the way water spirals down a sink drain". I've seen her commenting about the five petals she sees in a little flower when we are on a nature walk And she feels it's interesting to be a little more aware about the way in which numbers and shapes can affect a person internally/spiritually. She likes making the puzzles and the paper constructions of various geometric shapes. "It's kind of like a deeper feeling, like almost meditative. It's not so much brain power as it is the mind thinking. It's not even working with written numbers and formulas so much as it is understanding the numbers mentally and heartistically, from inside. " And she also would like to add, "And I can use a compass way better now!" : ) In short, this kind of geometry is right up her alley!"



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