Of Conflict Resolution

The spiral is the most widespread shape in nature.
When left alone, energy tends to move, grow and balance as spirals.


From seashells and whirlpools to atoms, embryos and galaxies, the spiral is a timeless glyph of nature's design alphabet. Perhaps the greatest message of the spiral in nature is that it arises out of the reconciliation of opposites, and so holds lessons about conflict resolution. The spiral is also a worldwide symbol of self-transformation appearing as Biblical whirlwinds, Native migrations and the Yellowbrick Road to Oz.

This presentation includes scores of images of natural spirals.

It answers the questions ...

Why is the spiral the most common form of nature?
Why does energy move in spirals?
How are plants actually "living whirlpools"?
What are the four types of spiral seen in nature?
What are the characteristics of every spiraling vortex?
How does a spiral turn resistance to its advantage?
How does the spiral path resolve conflict and achieve balance between opposites?

Like all the geometric "letters" of nature's design alphabet, the spiral teaches lessons on many levels, including the secrets of the whirlpool's calm eye and path to our own calm center.

Participants will learn how natural spirals teach us to maintain outer and inner balance, to find the calm "I" of the storm during times of personal turbulence, motion and growth.

Come get grounded information about spirals
to see the world and yourself anew!

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Click here to download some interesting shareware which reveals the dynamic pattern of a sunflower's spiraling growth.
Although it's a small file (61Kb) running in DOS, it generates visually stunning florets bubbling up in two directions simultaneously from the flower's center, green leaflets radiating around them, and all in balanced Golden Ratio proportion. There are lots of toggle switches to show and hide different features including leaves, florets, spirals and Fibonacci Numbers!
To see a screen image click here.

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