Errors, for one reason or another, make their way into books.
I apologize and have attempted to have them corrected.

The hardcover, first edition of the book, published in 1994, contains errors including wrong dates, switched captions, uncaught typos, etc.
Most were corrected for the paperback edition published in 1995.

Thus, the following refers to the paperback edition:

Page 28, in the margin's quote by Newton, replace the word "thermodynamics" with "motion".


Page 119: The first few paperback printings repeat an error from the hardcover regarding the fraction 1/89.

The fraction 1/89 = .01123595595... and can be found as this ongoing sum of decimal values of Fibonacci Numbers:

+ .

Page 209, I wrote that there were12 shillings to the old English pound; actually, there were 20 but 240 (=12 x 20) pence.

On page 210 please eliminate the sentence: "This number (21,600) is also one tenth of the mean distance between the earth and moon (= 216,000 miles = 60 x 60 x 60) which is 100 times its own radius." Wrong distance: it's actually accepted as 238,855 miles, which is a little over 11 times that number.

On page 213, in the picture of the ratio of the circle to square reads 9 to 8, but it should be 17 to 14.

At the bottom of page 282, the paragraph which begins "There is a curious mathematical relationship..." should be completely removed, as it is obviously incorrect.

The back cover says that I live in New York City. That was true when the book came out, but now I live in northern California.


If your sleuthing abilities have found any other errors, please let me know.
Thank you.


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