Egyptian Mysteries
Michael Schneider

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It's been said that ancient Egypt didn't have any Mystery Schools, but Egypt was a Mystery School.

This informative and entertaining slide-lecture explores the wisdom expressed symbolically through the arts and crafts of the Egyptian civilization. Egyptian art can be read on an outer, literal level, but also has a deeper symbolic meaning as a teaching tool for initiates undergoing the self-transformation process. This colorful slide-lecture will give participants insight into the symbolic code of deities, colors, numbers, shapes, actions, objects, symmetry and images with which the Egyptians encoded timeless wisdom.


Listen here to the radio show of Egyptologist John Anthony West where he speaks about
R.A.Schwaller de Lubicz and the Symbolist interpretation of Egyptian mysteries.

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Learn about the use of
sacred geometry
in Egyptian arts,
crafts, architecture
and literature.

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