Rare Rectangular Galaxy Discovered! What Rectangle is it? Just this week a newly discovered Dwarf Galaxy, known as LEDA 074886, was reported to be found about 70 million light years away from us. It's rectangular shape is unusual and I wondered whether it resembles any of the canonical rectangles. I've overlaid Golden Rectangles around it; lo and behold, they're a pretty nice fit. If this galaxy is the result of two galaxies colliding, then I don't really see any reason that it should fit in this particular rectangle, and so it's a nice coincidence for now that will change in the blink of a few million years. But if the shape is a result of internal forces, then there's a chance that its self-referential expansion may produce Golden Ratio values. Many galaxies with arms shaped as logarithmic spirals are already expressing Golden Ratio proportions, but to see one expressed as a rectangle is unusual. Although it appears as this rectangle as seen from Earth, what does it look like from other directions? Just a nice coincidence or something more significant? Who knows...? 3/20/2012



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