My dear friend and teacher, the philosopher, antiquarian, artist and writer John Michell, passed into the Light peacefully on April 24, 2009.
The influence of this gentle, generous and brilliant man upon me and many others is incalculable.

I had visited him for a week in London the previous month.

I first encountered John's work in 1972 in "The View Over Atlantis."
Since then, I've admired his wit and original mind in his many books, articles and reviews.

He gave the name to my book "A Beginner's Guide To Constructing The Universe" and wrote it's perfect Preface as well.
He's always been most generous to me and to other researchers, writers and seekers around the world.

John blazed a trail like no one else, resurrecting the canonical knowledge of the ancient numerical science and showed us how to continue exploring it.
I've often wondered in awe at John's deep memory, vast knowledge of arcane subjects, and insightful vision which penetrated into areas few others even suspected existed.
Reciting values to ten decimal places was his norm, and quoting from Plato to Charles Fort he wove a timeless enchantment for his many friends and admirers.
His sharp wit and humor were like none other's.

He will be missed, although I can still hear his voice.

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Memorial and Funeral photos

John Michell: A Tribute

John Michell Memorial 2 July 09

John with his son, the writer Jason Goodwin

John Michell Memorial Sculpture

A memorial sculpture is being planned to honor John.
Learn how to contribute to it here

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10 May 2009
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