Earth-Moon Squared-Circle

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Twelve moons roll around the Earth in four groups of three in the cardinal directions.



The Earth has a polar diameter of 7920 miles and the Moon a diameter of 2160 miles
showing their relationship to be 11/3.

Thus, a square around the Earth has the same perimeter as the circle going through the center of the Moons
(using the traditional approximation of Pi 22/7).
From this, stunning mathematical attributes reveal themselves.



Here's one interesting observation among many: When viewed in miles, the radius of the rolling blue Moon circle is 5040 miles, or the numbers 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7 multiplied together.
One quarter of the circle has a perimeter of 7920 miles, or the numbers 8 x 9 x 10 x 11 multiplied, the same as the polar radius of the Earth.
A neat little play of numbers. And an insight into the marvelous harmony of this majestic Cosmos.





There's very, very much more to this diagram. It holds the canonical numbers seen worldwide in virtually every culture as well as the geometric plan of many twelvefold organizations from antiquity.
It also holds proportions appearing in the architecture of diverse cultures from Stonehenge to the plan of the Bible's Heavenly Jerusalem descending to Earth.



Do you want to know how to create this geometric construction with a compass and straightedge?

I've written a little bit about here and you can learn a lot more in the books The Dimension Of Paradise and How The World Is Made by John Michell, recoverer of this timeless diagram,

and in my Constructing The Universe Activity Book Volume 5 called
"Constructing The Cosmological Circle:
Symbol and Instrument for Universal Harmony"

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